11 Tips for The Perfect Wedding Website!


Many brides toggle with the decision of whether or not to have a wedding website! Some think it will be a pain to create and don’t know what to put on it, while others see it as just one more thing to do! The truth of the matter is that wedding websites DO NOT have to be a that much work and are a great way to communicate wedding related happenings to all your guest!! Below are some great tips on how to create a website and what to include to make it most beneficial! Curl up with your honey, get some wine, and make it fun!

1. Design!! To start, find a design that fits the two of you (in terms of personality) and is cohesive with the wedding and invitations!
2. Personalize it! Be sure to add photos of the two of you! You want your guest to go to your site and instantly be excited about YOUR big day!!
3. Tell your story! Let your nearest and dearest know the funny moment the two of you met, or how he proposed and you froze in shock. Whatever it is, give some juicy insight to get guest feel involved!
4. Make it informative! List any hotel accommodations you have set up, how to book,  as well as other popular options for guests who may be traveling out of town!
5. Welcome guest to your city! For example, for a wedding in Houston, list favorite restaurants, places to visit, or things for your guest to do to truly experience the culture the city has to offer!
6. Set some ground rules!! Be sure you put any deadlines on the website. Notify guest of the RSVP date,  cutoff date to book rooms within the room block, etc. Keeping guest informed on the deadlines they need to abide by will make your life so much easier!
7. Make it fun! Add a countdown for your big day to get everyone pumped!
8.  Reminders!! Include the ceremony and reception address so guests can easily find it! Yes, you put it on your fancy invite, but the more places you include the info, the better. Include a simple map if the ceremony and reception are at 2 locations for ease of use!
9. Introduce the gang! Show off your bridal party on the website and give a quick blurb about who they are, how long you’ve known them, etc! Some brides even opt out of a paper program and just include it all online!
10. Share the game plan!! Give a general itinerary of the day for your guests to review! This will help them be prepared and not ask you a million questions!
Ceremony at 6:00
Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres at 6:30
Dinner at 7:00
Dancing at 7:40
Cake at 8:00
Send off at 10:00
11. Gifts!! If you have a gift registry or alternative registry (think honeyfund), it’s okay to let your guests know on your website! You don’t want to include registry info with your invitations, so your website is a great place!! If a guest asks where you are registered, you will at least be prepared and have a place to direct them to avoid any awkwardness.

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