Best Wedding Day Advice For Brides

Being married myself, I am extra protective of my couples on their wedding day. Since I have been in their position, I know firsthand all of the stresses, emotions, and worries that go into the big day. As a coordinator, there are several topics I always make sure to discuss with my couples leading up to their wedding, as well as gentle reminders I give them throughout the day. From personal experience as a bride and my role as a planner/coordinator, I want to share my list of tips and reminders with you! Over the next few weeks, I will post a new tip each Wednesday in a blog series titled “Wedding Tip Wednesdays”!! Happy planning!

Tip #1   Take a moment for just the two of you!

As the bride and groom, you must take in all the little moments… starting with the moment just after you are announced as husband and wife. After you come down the aisle, hand-in-hand, there will be a slew of people wanting to hug and congratulate you. Making their way through the crowd will also be a photographer or two wanting to take formal pictures of you with your family and bridal party. If time is not designated for just your love and you to take a moment, it will likely not happen.

Be sure to communicate to your planner/coordinator if you want a few minutes together, alone, to simply let it all sink in. Making sure you vocalize this is crucial!! I of course knew I wanted this after my husband and I married, but it completely passed us by in all of the celebratory hugs, high fives, and kind words from wedding guests. Don’t get me wrong, these are priceless as well, but you have all night to mix and mingle with loved ones. Truly pause, have a designated area, and take a second to just be alone with your new husband/wife. I always make sure I suggest this and know my couple’s preference ahead of time! Doing so allows it to be part of the logistics and smoothly orchestrated!! Trust me…you will be glad you did. I have never had anyone regret it!!!

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