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Tip #4 Stay with your new husband/wife!!!

Okay, this may seem obvious, but it really isn’t. On your wedding day, you will get pulled every which way by family and friends. Though you and your husband may have joined your lives together, that doesn’t account for the fact that you still have wedding guests who you may be closer to than you spouse, and vice versa. You will naturally be drawn to your nearest and dearest and the same for him. With that said, it is easy to let the night pass you by without your spouse by your side. The last thing you want is to look at pictures of your wedding and see there isn’t a single photo of the two of you since your first dance. Or to think back the day after and wonder where the other was all night.

I point this out from both my personal and professional experience. After going to so many weddings, my husband and I kept noticing that none of the couples really seemed to stay together. Based on that, we made sure to stay together the entire night… we literally discussed this prior to our big day and chatted about what we wanted! In looking back, I must give major props to the hubby… I tend to bounce around quite a bit in social situations. He did a great job of staying by my side and keeping up with me. Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t glued together all night. But a simple look at each other from across the room was all it took!

Because friends have often told me not staying together was their biggest regret, I always make sure to point this out to my couples. As I prep them for the Grand Entrance into their reception, I remind them to have fun, enjoy every moment, let me know if they need ANYTHING and, above all, stay together! My couples repeatedly tell me how much they appreciate this seemingly obvious advice. Sometimes just putting this reminder on their radar helps tremendously!!


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