How To Preserve Your Wedding Dress



Tip #2 Your dress WILL get dirty!

It’s true ladies…that gorgeous dress you spent so much time finding, and money buying, will likely get some wear and tear on your big day. Don’t get me wrong, your coordinator and bridesmaids will do everything in their power to keep your beautiful gown clean throughout the ceremony, cocktail hour, first dances, etc. But once the formality is through and the party gets started…there is likely to be some dirt on the bottom and such.

Don’t give the death stare to your new hubby when he accidentally steps on it during his favorite jam. Please remain calm when your dear friend or family member goes in for a big hug and steps on the train…yes, even when it is bustled. And don’t yell at the venue staff when that bottom layer is covered in dirt from the floor (indoors or out), because this will happen regardless of how pristine your wedding venue is.

The tough reality is that your dress will get dirty! If you go into your big day knowing this is common and likely, you can prevent letting it ruin your night or be the cause of your first marital fight! A little dirt on the bottom is a tell-tale sign that you have partied it up and truly enjoyed your wedding! After all, that’s what it’s all about, right?

I can’t help but smile a little when I see my couple float out the door for their grand exit happy as can be…the bride not even noticing the small pieces of her dress hanging off. I don’t feel guilty for the grin on my face because I know the night was a success and anything else can be fixed.

After your wedding, you will want to take your dress to get professionally cleaned and preserved. Houston has a ton of options! Be sure to do your research, ask your planner for referrals and find a reputable cleaner. This is not the place to try and save money or cut corners. Doing so will likely result in your dress being destroyed beyond repair by an inexperienced cleaner. Don’t take any chances!!! Trust me when I say a reputable cleaner can work magic!!! My dress was filthy on the bottom and had tears in the lace, but you better believe it looked brand new after some much needed TLC! Follow these tips and yours will to!

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