Wedding Planning Organization!

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He proposed you said Yes, now the planning fun begins! How do you start? Jump into it by getting organized and keeping it that way through out your planning process! We have several tools we create for our brides to keep them stress free during the planning craze! Keeping all wedding details in one place will save you many headaches and bottles of wine! Below are some tips on how to create a binder to keep you sane while planning your beautiful day!

First things first!

Purchase a binder! This bad boy should be with you for every meeting and throughout the months of the planning process! Make sure it is durable and large enough to hold everything! You can of course just purchase a standard binder and doll it up with some custom paper or purchase a custom binder with your colors and theme! To each their own, whatever makes you happy and best fits you!

Next things next!

Here are a few items we highly suggest keeping in your binder to help keep you organized!

  • Dividers: these will help keep all of your vendors separate!
  • Pen pouch: keep a pen, pencil, white out and highlighter in there for all the updates, important info, and changes you make along the way!
  • Notebook paper: you will want to be able to jot down any notes so you don’t have to remember it all!
  • Three ring hole punch: having the ability to immediately hole punch vendor information to put behind the appropriate tab with make it quick and easy to stay organized!
  • Plastic pocket with a closure: you will want at least one to keep any linen swatches, receipts, cards, invitation samples, etc. in!

Helpful tools!

A checklist is very important for many reasons! It allows you to see where you are and where you are going in the world of wedding planning. If you follow the checklist and mark items off as you should each month, then it will keep you from getting behind and causing unnecessary stress. Our brides who follow the checklist that we’ve created for them are the happiest by far! We highly recommend sticking to the checklist as closely as possible. And hey, if you are able to dip into the next month ahead of schedule from time to time, go for it!

Print a calendar with each month starting from the month you begin planning down to the wedding day. Any time you book a new vendor go through the contract and add any payments, deadlines, etc.! Each vendor is diverse by needing information and payments at different times! Also add any vendor appointments on the calendar as well, along with the time, address, and contact person.

If you have a style board, print it out and keep it towards the front of your binder. At each vendor meeting, you can reference back to make sure you keep a cohesive look. It can be hard to stay focused, but an inspiration board is a great way to ensure you stay true to the look you are wanting.

Create a contact information sheet. Put each vendor with the name, address, phone number, etc. all on one pages for easy information access! You won’t have the time or patience to dig around for each contact every time you need to email them with a change or update the counts. Be proactive to prevent the stress!

Make a budget and stick to it! As you look into vendors, be sure you search for reputable vendors in your desired price range. Be realistic so that you don’t blow all your funds on the first vendor you book. As you spend, do your best to stay updated on costs, and stick to it!

We hope these tips are helpful in keeping you happy and organized while planning your big day!

-Lisa and Brandy

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