8 Tips & Tricks For Wedding Floral

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Floral Tips

Flowers are absolutely gorgeous and tend to make a big impact on your beautiful day. They also tend to make a big impact on your budget! Below are eight tips on how to not break the bank on floral.

#1 Be Open Minded

Try to be open minded to what floral is in season; this will help cost. If you love peonies just like every woman, incorporate the look but not everywhere. Seasonal floral can help you save money on something that isn’t going to last long. A lot of floral can have a fraternal twin!  J Try to find a floral that is less expensive but has a similar look! Unless you are a floral expert, nobody will know the difference!

#2 Keep it personal

If you love ranunculus (which can be pricy for a small flower) make it personal by incorporating it into your bouquet and his boutonniere. Have that be that only place you see that flower. It is still a part of your day, but it is special to the two of you!

#3 Use filler floral

Hydrangea, stock, greenery, ferns, dusty miller, etc. are all wonderful filler floral. If you want an all-white rose bouquet for you and your 8 bridesmaids that is going to get costly quick. Adding fillers to your floral helps take up room making you need less of the other floral. The massive floral centerpieces are popular and you will find majority have hydrangea or some type of filler to keep the cost down and to give it the size it needs.

#4 Repurpose

The 8 bridesmaid’s bouquets can be repurposed right after photos! Use it at the sign in for the reception, put one at the bar, one in the bathroom, photo booth, cake table, head table, basically anywhere! You paid for them why not display them somewhere? Put your bouquet in the center of the head table or your sweetheart! If you are having large ceremony floral see if it can get repurposed somewhere at the reception.

#5 Minimize

You do not have to do wrist corsages or boutonnieres for aunts, great aunts, uncles, great uncles, 2nd cousins, etc. If you prefer to then yes of course do it! You will save money if you do the basic mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, etc. I would get the officiant a boutonniere if they are someone personal to you. If it happens to be someone you hired off The Knot, skip it.  You can incorporate the love you have for your aunts and uncles by displaying their wedding photos at an entrance or another way during the wedding process!

#6 Take the floral

You spent a good chunk of change on that floral, it should be enjoyed! Have family members take some at the end of the night or take it to a nursing home or hospital the next day. Use the money you spent on it to put a smile on someone else’s face!

#7 Be honest with your florist

If you have a budget of $3,500 for floral, then that is your budget. Let them know you are wanting to stay at that number or below if possible. Remember you should get what you pay for. If you are paying $3,500 and your floral shows up looking sad and wilted, then a conversation probably needs to be had.

#8 Stick with the overall look

If you change your mind 800 times on what flowers and décor you want, then that just raises the possibility for it to be wrong on the day of. Go into the meeting with a cohesive look that fits your style. Nothing worse than having bright orange floral when all you wanted was peach ribbon around the bouquets.

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