Dos & Don’ts For Wedding Transportation

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Some might argue that the grand exit of a wedding is just as, if not more, important than the grand entrance. Whether you are coming or going, you are sure to make an impression as the honorary Mr. & Mrs. in all aspects of your wedding; transportation is no exception. With so many different options for wedding day transportation, you might be left wondering where to start.  Considering your budget, style, and the logistics of your wedding can help you decide what option is the best fit. Here are just a few suggestions for transportation options; both traditional and current trends.

  1. Limo- Classic, elegant, and timeless, a limo is a great transportation choice for any event. Renting a limo is a great option and can serve multiple purposes for your wedding. Many couples choose to have the limo take them, and the bridal party, from the ceremony to the reception, should they be at two different locations. The limo ride is a great time to spend a few minutes with your nearest and dearest before being announced upon entering the reception. Then, at the end of the night, the limo awaits to take the newlyweds to their home, hotel, or in some cases, straight to the airport to start their honeymoon!!
  2. Trolley- Is a limo too formal for your wedding vibe? If so, consider a trolley! Houston has companies who actually have original trolleys to take you to and from on your wedding day. This trend is a fun way to add a vintage flair and add some nostalgia to your event. While a limo may carry 8-12 guests, a trolley has a greater capacity and can actually carry around 20 guests. This may be a better option for those with a larger bridal party. And who are we kidding…you want the best pictures for your wedding, right? After all, you will spend a large portion of your wedding budget on your photographer so you should take advantage of having your own, personal photographer following you around!! A ride on the trolley is a great photo op that will give you some fun, spontaneous shots with your new hubby and closest friends!
  3. Classic car- Many couples are opting for an all-in-one venue where both the ceremony and reception will take place. One of the main reasons…cutting down on the transportation costs and logistical headaches that can occur if it is not done correctly. A classic car is a great option in this case!! Ladies, this can also be a nice way to surprise your new hubby if classic cars are his thing. Let’s face it, all the wedding detail from flowers to linens were really for you. This added touch can show him his style was not forgotten!! Whether he is a vintage Aston Martin kind of guy, or muscle cars are more his thing, renting a chic, classic car allows you to exit in style, but in a smaller fashion; after all, it will just be you and your hubby leaving at the end of the night.

No matter what option you choose, securing transportation is becoming a must have for many couples. Ask your planner to consider the cost of transportation when building your overall wedding budget. If you can swing it, transportation of any kind is sure to provide a stylish way to wave good-bye to your guests as you drive away into wedding bliss!



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