Wedding Priority Checklist!

cigar bar


Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize!!! When planning the big day, choose what is most important to you as a couple. Your wedding day is a celebration of the love between the two of you and should be a reflection of such. You will likely get MANY unsolicited opinions! Though all those friends, family, (and yes, even strangers) mean well, you must stay true to who you are!

Take a moment to consider what is important when it comes to your big day. Make a list of what things you love, both as a couple, and individually. It is okay to have a nonnegotiable that you each individually cannot live without. Marriage is all about compromise, right?!

Put pen to paper! Writing down a solid list allows you to see the big picture of what you are wanting. If photography is of huge importance to you, make sure you splurge to get an amazing photographer. If your groom absolutely wants a cigar bar, then why not do it?

In the process, definitely consult your budget (you did create this, right?). Be flexible when it comes to your priority list! If something you desperately want is taking a large chunk of the budget, weigh your options and be willing to cut elsewhere. The more reasonable you are with decisions and budget, the less stressful the planning will be.

Regardless of budget or style, make sure you keep the celebration about the two of you! Add special touches so that when you walk into the reception it is clear it is your big day (the alternative is feeling like you are at a strangers wedding)!

If on your first date you had coffee and shared a cannoli, find a way to incorporate those touches. Consider a sweet late night bite. Or skip the cake all together and have your sentimental treat then! We always encourage our couples to remember that the day is about them! There are no rules and there is no “norm” wedding anymore, so do whatever you want with it. IT’S YOUR DAY!

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