Intimate Backyard Wedding Tips!


A backyard wedding can be a lot of work!! You have to bring in a significant number of vendors and essential build a venue in a place not intended for an event, but with a few tips you can pull off an event to remember!
1) Select a space or venue that has a large outdoor area. The whole point of a backyard wedding is to be outside, right?! You want guest to be able to enjoy the elements and freedom it provides!
2) Having a smaller guest count allows for the wedding to be more intimate for you and your guests. Don’t feel like you need to fill the large space with tons of guests! A smaller guest count can extend your budget and allow you to splurge for other items you wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford with a large guest count. The number of guests can really alter the overall budget. It can either add or take away tables, chairs, linens, centerpieces, meals, etc. Every person adds cost!
3) Give your guests something to do! Not everyone is going to be tearing up the dance floor all night, so have other fun options to entertain them! Consider an outdoor game area with corn hole, jumbo Jenga, horseshoes, etc. Interactive bars are also a fun and easy way to add to your guests’ experience. Think apple cider, coffee, popcorn, caramel apple, s’mores, the bar options are limitless!
4) Serve your food family style instead of buffet or seated! This makes your guests feel more like family then just another invitee! Make the food more home-style then stuffy, while keeping it a meal the two of you love. Casual can still be classy and a unique dining experience.
5) If the budget and space allow, have a fire pit with a lounge area. This will create the perfect space for guests to sit and visit with each other while celebrating your big day. Making guest cozy and comfortable allows for a memorable experience!! Nothing better than a fire on a cool evening!
6) Ditch the traditional cake and go with a favorite dessert! Pies, cobblers, brownies, cookies, and cupcakes are all fun substitutes! A cute idea to incorporate any important ladies (such as grandmothers, aunts, mothers, etc.) is to ask each to make their “famous dessert” for your guests. Have cute signage like “Granny’s Famous Apple Pie” written in gorgeous calligraphy. Personal touches are very well received!!
7) Signature drinks are such a fun way to show off your personalities! Have a “his” and “hers” for cocktails. This gives your guests a chance to try your taste! You can even throw in an “ours”!
8) String lighting is essential for a backyard wedding! It’s warm, romantic, and actually provides quite a bit of lighting!! You want to make sure you have sufficient lighting whether it’s during dinner or dance time! Relying on the stars and moonlight likely won’t do!
9) Weather can be unpredictable! Make sure you are picking a month that typically has more good days than bad! Especially in Houston, weather can be tricky and oh so unpredictable! Fall is one of the times where an outdoor wedding in Houston is ideal! Regardless of location or time of year, you always need a solid plan B to ease your mind.
10) Above all, the wedding is for you and your new hubby/wife. If a backyard wedding is fitting for your style, then go for it! You want to make sure your big day is representative of you as a couple and stays true to you!!


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