5 Tips For A Bright & Bold Wedding

berry dresses

The Berry Style Board on our website is one of our favorite looks for how bold it is! There is a key to having a bold and bright wedding without it being too much on the eye!

Tip #1

Keep is simple elsewhere! If you are going to have bold floral on your tables then go simple with the rest of the table. Go with a rustic farmhouse table or a neutral colored linen. Don’t overdo the metal on the table. For example if you choose to use a rustic farmhouse table, then go with white plates and a bold linen napkin, skip the chargers unless they are neutral. The only metal on the table would be the flatware, floral vase, and candles.

Tip #2

Go bold with your girls’ dresses! Look at the Berry Style Board on our website, and you will see what we mean! The light purple with a pattern and dark berry dresses are simply gorgeous. We love a bridesmaid dress that allows the ladies to show off their personality, as well as it being something they can wear again. If you go bold with their dresses, then go neutral with their floral.

Tip #3

Dress the guys to be just as bold! If you go neutral with their suits, then go bold with their ties and boutonnieres! The gentleman in the style board has a grey suit on with a berry bowtie and a boutonniere (with actual berries) that would be a stunning look for any man!

Tip #4

Styling the beautiful bride! This is the most important look of the entire day! Of course you will have an amazing dress, but here are some ideas to go bold with your look! Go with a gorgeous floral crown or a bold earring that compliments the colors you are showing off! You could even go bold with some stunning shoes or a pop of color on your lip!

Tip #5

Go neutral with the rest! Your stationary, signs, rental furniture, any accent linens should stay simple so that your bold selections pop against the neutral background. Go neutral with the cake as well! The photo of the cake on the style board is a perfect example of how the color pops against the neutral. You can always add some vibrant fresh floral, if a pop of color on the cake is a must!

Use these tips to guide you in having a bold and bright wedding!

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