Wedding Thank You card dos & don’ts


Need to Knows When Writing a Thank You Note

Thank you notes can be dreadful! You run out of what to say and the sheer number of cards you need to write can be a daunting task. Saying “Thank you” is just as important as any other step in the wedding process! When you’ve been showered with so much love, the least you can do is tell them how much you appreciate the love you received, right?Here are some dos and don’ts when writing Thank you notes.

Thank you cards do not have to match your other stationary!

Don’t make this an extra stress in the world of wedding planning. Nobody will notice if the thank you card is blue with gold glitter when your invitations were rustic with light pink floral. Wedding branding with matching stationary is great, but if purchasing thank you cards was an afterthought, don’t overthink it. Your nearest and dearest will simply smile at how thoughtful your words are and the time you took to write it all out! Thank you cards can be super fancy or inexpensive. Target dollar bin is actually an amazing place to find pretty, simple, and dainty thank you cards! Who doesn’t love a handwritten letter in the mail these days? I know I do!

Thank you cards should be sent out for anything you receive before or after your wedding.

You tend to receive most gifts through your bridal shower but if you have a honeymoon registry, thank you cards should be sent out for those gifts as well. At your wedding you will receive some gifts but cards are often more likely. As hard as it is after enjoying an amazing honeymoon, do your best to get the thank you cards for those sent out as well!

Make it personal!

I know, I know you are having to write out over fifty thank you cards due to all the amazingly, fun gifts you received and it is VERY difficult to make each card sound different. If you received a gift at a bridal shower DO say something like “Thank you so much Samantha for the KitchenAid mixer! Brad is very excited to come home to freshly baked cookies! I also want to thank you for taking the time to come to the shower. It was so good to see you!”. DON’T say “Thank you for the gift”. If you do have a honeymoon registry, be specific with those as well. “Thank you Aunt Sarah for the couples massage. I do not know who is more excited, me or Brad. Can’t wait to catch up with you when we get back from the honeymoon.” Making it personal allows you to truly convey your appreciation. Nobody wants a generic thank you card!

Use a photo from a wedding!

Sending out a thank you card with an image from your wedding is a great way to make your thank you cards more personal. Some couples take the time to take a “Thank You” photo (with a banner or sign) during their reception. If you do this, you can have postcards made with your picture on the front and write personalized note on the back (bonus: save a little on stamps). You could also do this with your engagement photos and use those cards for showers, bachelorette, engagement party, etc. You are already taking photos right, so why not one more?

Use Envelopes as a sign in!

Every event needs a sign in so you know who attended. Talk to your ladies and see if they are up for using your Thank You card envelopes for the shower or any other wedding festivities. You simply need the stack of envelopes with a cute sign giving instructions to have guests self-address an envelope. Easy as pie and then you will have an envelope for each guest, with their correct address, that you do not have to write out. Put a stamp, return address sticker and personalize that card and you are done!

Give yourself a deadline to complete all Thank You cards!

The bridal shower was 6 months ago and you are just now starting the cards that should have been done 5 months prior! Steal the fiancé and have him help! You write while he sticks the stamps and return stickers on the envelopes and seals it shut. Drop them in the mail slot and you are done!!


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