5 Ways To Incorporate Fruit In Wedding Décor!


A current trend is displaying fruit as part of the décor or theme on your big day! We have seen pineapples, lemons, pomegranates, apples, peaches, figs, pears, oranges, and more! Below are a few tips on how to incorporate the sweetness of fruit without the look turning sour!

  1. Incorporate fruit by using the color for inspiration! For example, if you love how bright a lemon is but aren’t sure how to show off such a pop, have it be an accent color! Use the bright yellow as a napkin color, have small amounts of the yellow used in the centerpiece floral, or get the groomsmen yellow pocket squares. Simplicity and understated pops of color are key!
  2. Use fruit for table décor! Place cards are a great place to start! Have names written on the fruit in calligraphy or attach pretty tags to them! Pineapples are fun to use as a base for a table number! If you do a garland, mix the fruit in the garland just as you would floral!
  3. Signature drinks are a perfect way to tie fruit into any wedding! Summer time is hot!! There are so many outdoor wedding venues here in Houston, but your guest will likely need a refreshing beverage to keep them happy in the heat! If peach is a color you are using in your décor, then have a fun peach signature drink such as a peach Bellini. You can even have a “manly” drink for the guys like bourbon peach tea!
  4. Stationery!! Who doesn’t love a fun sign? Stationery allows you to add in fruit in various ways! Whether it be a fig on the actual invitation or just using the color for the font of background color, it all ties in! You could even add a fun envelope liner with the fruit print of choice or make it the photo on the stamp!
  5. Dessert is such a great way to incorporate fruit! You can do it on the actual wedding cake, in the dessert bar, a signature dessert (like a caramel apple bar), pie pops, the possibilities are endless! You could also incorporate the fruit into a sweet favor for the guests to take home!
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