22 Bridal Emergency Kit Must-Haves

emergency kit

Little Emergencies can pop up on your big day! It is very important to be prepared whether it is a chipped nail, a crazy strand of hair that showed up after your stylist left, or headache that came out of nowhere (stress anyone?).

  1. Mouthwash- for that first kiss!
  2. Mints- to be extra fresh!
  3. Sewing Kit- you never know when a random button will pop or zipper will need fixing!
  4. Scissors- so many things to cut tags off!
  5. Tape- for that adorable sign you ordered that just won’t stay put!
  6. Tweezers- eyebrows, splinter, stray hair, oh my!
  7. Lint Roller- groom or dad’s suit covered in fuzz…no thanks!
  8. Tissues- emotions, emotions, emotions!
  9. Deodorant- to combat stress and sweat!
  10. Bobby Pins- hair, veil, need I say more?
  11. Hairspray- to battle last minute fly-aways (especially in Houston humidity)!
  12. Safety Pins- they are the ultimate lifesaver!
  13. Q-tips- makeup touch ups!
  14. Lotion- smooth legs needed for that garter removal, right?!
  15. Medicine- from tummy aches to headaches, be prepared!
  16. Clear Nail Polish/nail file- no nail chips or jagged nails on the big day!
  17. Bug Spray- outdoor weddings are amazing, but bug bites are not cute!
  18. Sunscreen- protect yourself and guest from the sun too!
  19. Band-Aids- blisters from new shoes…the struggle is real!
  20. Tampons- talk about bad timing, right? Be prepared for you and all the ladies in your life!
  21. Stain Pen- white dress and anything but water do not mix…be ready just in case!
  22. Super Glue- it fixes anything!


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