Wedding Day Coordinator Tips


Your coordinator is one of busiest people on your wedding day. Coordinators do a lot more than you may think. So much goes on behind the scenes so that everything looks perfect on the surface!! Whether it be correcting each napkin so the table is perfect, repurposing floral so you get your money’s worth, or putting out 250 chocolate boxes in the exact position on each place setting, coordinators really do it all! Being a coordinator you have to love what you do! At Bella Luna Bridal we truly love every second. We have, however, noticed some reoccurring tasks that tend to take time away from all the details we do to perfect your wedding. Below are a few tips to help your coordinator so your day can be a great success!

  1. Remove tags and stickers from all frames, glassware, serving set, etc. Seems obvious, but so often we are pulling off those not so friendly stickers and labels and then scrambling for that bottle of Goo-Gone to remove the sticky residue!
  2. Open your escort/place cards and ensure that all guests are there. It will save time if your escort cards are in alphabetical order. It will also help if you put the place cards in order by table and label the table number with a post it. Organization is key!!
  3. Have a box with all items your coordinator will need! If we can just run into the bridal suite and grab the box with all personal décor (that we’ve already discussed and know exactly where you want it) we won’t have to bug you for these items on the day of. Items such as as guest book, champagne flutes, serving set, engagement photos, seating chart, etc. can easily be grab and go when they are all in one place!
  4. Check to ensure that all items are assembled and unwrapped. Let’s say you are doing a sparkler exit… Sometimes the sparklers are in a box and can just be grabbed. Yet, more times than not, the coordinator finds all the sparklers individually wrapped (all 400 of them!!). Needing to unwrap each one is likely taking time away from your coordinator being productive during your reception. Things like these seem so simple, but are often over looked and occur oh so often!
  5. Be sure that your pens/makers work for your guest book. You would be surprised how many times the pen smears or the marker doesn’t work on the surface for that adorable, nontraditional guest book! We of course always have pens handy, but our black sharpie might not look as gorgeous on your canvas as the gold pen you really wanted!! Do a test dot on the back to make sure it works so all your guest can leave you their sweet sentiments and well wishes!
  6. Make sure all photos are in the frames when you give them to your coordinator. In the hustle and bustle, those pictures you threw in the box are likely to get bent and tattered. Also, depending on the frame, any inserts, etc. your 5X7 picture doesn’t always fit perfectly in the 5X7 frame! Your coordinator is then left making the call to trim the edges of the pic or scratching it all together, for fear of ruining the pic (who knows if it’s a reprint or the original, only copy from your parents wedding day!). The wedding day is fast paced and decisions have to be made quickly!
  7. Provide baskets or trays for any items that might need containers. For example, programs, flower petals, fans, cards, confetti, favors, etc. Nothing worse than having to have guest scoop flower petals from a plastic, zip lock baggie!!
  8. Make sure whoever is responsible for your personal items at the end of the night is aware they are taking your belongings. Let’s face it, everyone is tired when the reception ends at midnight! All that fun, dancing, and drinking takes its toll. We so often have the name of the trusty friend who will take home all your belongings but we are left begging them to stay or, even worse, being told they already left! It is essential to designate a responsible party and make sure you are 100% clear with them on what they need to take so we can get them loaded up and on their way.
  9. Anyone on your photo list needs to be aware they are needed for photos! After the ceremony is over, guest quickly bolt for the bar or one of those yummy hors d’oeuvres! We get it, they can be tempting, but they really need to hear from you ahead of time that they are needed to stay put after the ceremony so no one has to search for them! We are always happy to help but we do not know your family and friends so locating them out of 300 people is tough! Your sweet Nanny could be any guest!!
  10. Above all…ENJOY YOUR WEDDING!!! You hired your coordinators because you trusted them and their expertise. They are a professional and know your wedding like the back of their hand! At Bella Luna we do everything to make sure it runs smoothly. Know your coordinator has your best interest at heart! Let them run the big day so you can simply get married and celebrate with your nearest and dearest!!
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