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 Hello! I am Lisa, Owner of Bella Luna Bridal & Occasions.

 I am…

Playful, Creative, Silly, Focused, Friendly, Organized

After serving as my own planner, and seeing how the intense, detail-oriented planning translated into my dream wedding, I realized the potential to fulfill my dream. I have since become a  Certified Wedding & Event Planner serving Houston & beyond!

Without a doubt, planning is in my blood. I have always been that friend, family member, and now wife with the organized agenda. Friends and family alike come to me for planning guidance as they know I always have an itinerary and play by play for even the smallest daily events.

 I make lists on top of lists and don’t feel satisfied until I can draw a huge line through a completed item and check off a job well done. To sum it up…I love planning, weddings, organizing, events, and all the details in between!

Looking back on my own wedding, I see how much more I could have basked in bridal glory and enjoyed the experience had I been solely the bride and not the planner as well. I know how stressful, overwhelming, and at times frustrating wedding planning can be- I was in your shoes not too long ago!

As your planner, your wedding will be my ultimate priority. I will do everything in my power to make sure all of your dreams become a reality. My goal is to create an event to surpass your expectations. With me as your planner, you can enjoy your day and all its special moments without being bothered with the behind-the-scenes happenings…leave that to me!

Simply stated…”You wear the dress, we’ll do the rest!”.

XOXO- Lisa

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Hi Y’all! I am Brandy, a wedding and event planner at Bella Luna Bridal & Occasions.

I am…

A small town girl living in the big city and loving every minute of it!

Moving to Houston I was unsure of what I would do here and decided to intern with a wedding planner, after the first couple of meetings it was then decided I wanted a career out of it!

Lisa and I met interning for the same company and fit like glue since the moment we met.

I have as long as I can remember been the planner, organizer, and creative one within my family and friends.  Planning is an absolute blast to me; it makes working feel more like fun then a job! I truly enjoy getting to be a part of one of the most important days of your life and ensuring that every step to get there is enjoyable for you.  I am that SUPER organized person that has to have a list just to know it has been done and a paper planner because writing in it makes me feel whole.

Everyone dreams of their wedding day and how they want it to be… I will do all in my power to ensure that your vision becomes a reality. Weddings are meant for a day to express the love between two people as well as their family and friends. Having a wedding planner to help you along the way and the day of ensures that everyone attending can relax, enjoy, and soak up the love!

My job is very rewarding because whether I have known you for months, or hardly at all, when I see the love between the two of you or hear a speech about how your love has affected someone, it makes my heart smile and know that my work is complete!

Lisa has a favorite quote which is “Do what you love, love what you do”. It truly fits our job because we love every aspect of wedding and event planning. I feel blessed to have the job I do.

Love, Brandy


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